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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Sep 9, 2021

The Adventuring Party - Episode 661

This week's hosts: Savage and Scarr, and special guest Decimus Observet

Editor – Scarr


This week, The Party discuss some mechanics you might wish to take from one RPG and place into others.

Image Source: Dave Catchpole on Flickr []

Show notes:

03:22: Spell Failures and Misfires from Low Fantasy Gaming


04:50: Zimmers Candle of Quicksaving from 5e Hardcore Mode

07:05: Stress and Flashbacks from Blades in the Dark

15:00: The Offical RPG for Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series. We didn’t discuss it in detail, but I’m informed it has a versatile Blades-like dicepool system which does combat, social and magic all rather well.

15:20: Don’t worry folks, I’m sure we can revisit Blades in a future episode.

15:55: Classes as Pies and Old-School Social Combat from Neoclassical Greek Revival

18:16: Swayable Juries and Chase Tracks from Aces and Eights: Shattered Frontier

20:29: Icons from 13th Age

20:40: Cat Tobin Interview

26:21: 5e Travel Rules from Adventures In Middle-Earth. Sadly no longer available from Cubicle 7, but stay on the lookout for 2nd-hand copies, perhaps.

27:58: Non-Lethal Bar Brawling from Brancolonia

31:20: Advantage for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

33:47: The 2d6 Reaction Table from Old-School Basic D&D. Here's a useful modern version, with extra layer to show it can be used in a lot more scenarios than you think.


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