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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Nov 8, 2017

This week's hosts: Ian, Oisin and Sean

This week our party gets down and dirty with the topic that really matters Dice, can you trust them? Should you? Do you need to pray to the Dice gods? Tune in and find out.

Show Notes:

  • 01:05 Die superstitions
  • 02:20 Dice sacrifice
  • 02:41 A well deserved quote of the episode less than 3 minutes in to Ian for "Die in a fire"
  • 03:51 Oooh competetion for quote of the episode, Oisin "Are you actually substitious?"
  • 04:54 Damn it you just can't trust them GW dice, always looking to be threes!
  • 05:59 We are now testing dice to ensure they aren't making performance enchancing rolls.
  • 06:13 They're not lucky they are statistically favoured based on mechanical anomalies!
  • 06:54 Also known as Confirmation Bias
  • 07:19 Sean also throwing his hat in the ring for that quote of the episode "I like to use my prettiest dice"
  • 07:33 Fashionable Dicing
  • 09:10 Oisin waxes lyrical about original D&D dice
  • 10:06 Die Etiquette
  • 10:58 Call of Cthulhu Dice
  • 11:17 Pre-attentive processing
  • 13:51 Using other peoples dice
  • 15:05 As everyone knows bad-luck is a cross-species virus which can be transferred from an unlucky player to your (previously) lucky dice, therefore it is always important to practice good dice hygiene and just never ever share them.
  • 15:20 Dork Tower
  • 15:57 The other side of this though is people who are slightly dice paranoid, I know I've had people say to me after a game "That looks a lot like my dice, are you sure you didn't take it? Are you SURE?" It's fair enough to ask once, but some people just keep pushing it (and yes I stole them all mwahahahahaha)
  • 17:19 Cocked dice
  • 18:02 Draconian, meaning Sean rolls his dice like a dragon.... I think.
  • 20:20 See my 15:57 comment :D
  • 21:27 The grab bag approach to dice
  • 24:10 Ah the "I'll just buy it for you" approach
  • 25:15 My dice is due a (Insert Required Number Here)
  • 26:21 Maths
  • 29:55 At this point I think its worth pointing out that is a fun tool for looking at probabilities


Bonus Shownotes: Listing of Dice Sounds

  • 00:34
  • 00:38
  • 02:11
  • 03:01
  • 08:14
  • 12:53
  • 13:07
  • 16:56
  • 19:50
  • 25:59
  • 26:22
  • 27:55
  • 29:57
  • 32:23
  • 32:26
  • 33:48

Bonus Fun fact: This episode was edited while I was eating chocolate dice.