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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jun 25, 2014

In this week's episode, we answer a listener's question about what the flat-broke gamer can do to get by on a pittance a day. How does one game on a budget? It can be a VERY expensive and compulsive hobby. There's a reason CCGs are occasionally referred to as “cardboard crack”.




  • 0.01: If you're interested in some practical advice on how to attend gaming conventions on a budget, skip ahead to 41.07
  • 1.01: “Ladies” count – 3
  • 3.05: I felt we don't talk about Nazis enough in the Adventuring Party.
  • 3.26: “Carabiners” count – 3 
  • 4.58: Savage Worlds Explorers Edition 
  • 6.29: Seriously! I ordered tiny, tiny bottles from China, and we filled them with water and a drop of food dye. When we drink a potion in-game, we actually drink a potion. In this image, we put a regular d6 beside them to provide scale. 
  • 12.25: Weiss Schwarz 
  • 12.50: Quote of the Episode: “High five!” “We probably shouldn't, you'll just have to edit it out later... oh, go on then” *clap*
  • 12.56: Cardfight!! Vanguard (don't blame me, they spell it with two exclamation marks themselves) 
  • 17.23: Hearthstone 
  • 20.04: Game of Thrones LCG 
  • 24.27: And so an Internet legend is born. When cold, clammy fingers run across your neck as you're measuring range at the next tournament... that's Creepy William. Your dice are mysteriously sticky... Creepy William has paid you a visit. There's some guy making inappropriate comments about the girl playing at the next table... actually, that guy's just an asshole and should be held accountable by the community.
  • 26.50: Turn Signals on a Land Raider 
  • 27.14: Reference Pear courtesy of Shut Up and Sit Down 
  • 34.35: Marrying Mr. Darcy
  • 36.05: I teleported bread.
  • 44.14: Another option for cheap shipping from the UK is ASK RONAN. They ship stuff to Northern Ireland, then courier it down to secure drop-boxes. Very handy.
  • 45.15: He's got a second name now! Will Bear aka Creepy William. If there is an actual wargamer out there called William Bear, we duly apologise.


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