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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

May 14, 2014

This week on the Adventuring Party, we discuss the problem of what to do when your player's axe-wielding barbarian from the northern frost wastes suddenly displays an uncanny working knowledge of 21st century macro-economics. Actually, we don't tackle that question at all. But it's in roughly the same ball-park.



  • 0.37: Eoin, are you... are you pooping?
  • 2.56: This conversation turned towards being better than other people WAYS faster than I thought it was going to.
  • 4.22: That's a half-truth!
  • 7.16: Could you hear the “k”? I pronounced it magicks.
  • 7.57: One Time Pad. I learned about them from Cryptonomicon. Thanks, Neal Stephenson! Also, it amuses me no end that the acronym for One Time Pad is the same as One True Pairing.
  • 9.19: I've drawn this 5-hour dungeon and by Christ you people are going to play it!
  • 11.30: Woah! I do NOT remember being that vehement about this!
  • 12.48: Or as fellow Adventuring Party podcaster Graham Turner puts it “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”. I think it's a good measure to put to your fight scenes.
  • 15.37: Speaking of intimidate as a skill, the best line I've ever heard about that was “why would I buy the Intimidate skill? I'VE GOT A GUN”
  • 21.55: I like to think of that as his Gorilla Band. They're bananas!
  • 24.25: This trivia aside brought to you by Cian's Constantly Wandering Attention.
  • 36.32: “Ladies” count – 2
  • 37.11: “Ladies” count – 4


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