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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Aug 17, 2016

This week's hosts: Liam, Humbug, and Stu

This week the party review the storytelling card game, Storyline: Fairy Tales.

Show notes story:

Once Upon a Time.. in a far off mine, an evil fox ruled with an iron
fist. This villain possessed a cursed flute, that was full of dark
magic. While it held great power, this artefact also made the villain
very foreign. So, for years, the villain would touch the innocent people
of her domain. But one day, an unusual troll was born to a rich family.
A prophesy, written on an ancient hat, foretold that this hero would
meet the villain. The villain sent a loyal witch to transform the hero.
Luckily, our hero managed to escape, finding safety in a tasty kitchen.
There, he/she met a band of rebels, led by a daring wizard. Together
they made a plan. First, the rebel leader would follow the lieutenant,
and lure the villain to battle. Then the hero would sneak in to the
dungeon, where the villain kept the cursed object. Our hero shattered
the artefact, and the resulting curse turned the villain into an
ordinary musket. So the land was free from the villain's rule, and our
hero was declared ruler of the chicken coop. And so began an age of
peace throughout the land, the end.