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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Sep 15, 2009

Exp: A full house of hosts with reviews and previews, except that Oisín insists he hasn't played anything new ever. humbug is in with first impressions of Twilight: 2013, Dave carefully conducts a spoiler-light consideration of the Pegasus expansion for a game about a space-ship, Shane rips into the redcoats of Duty & Honour and finally Liam's up with Small World after all. Features:

  • Twilight: 2013
  • Game of the Year 1985!
  • Wolverines
  • What happens to Ireland
  • The Dark Sun character archetype
  • Rolling your Fieldcraft
  • Unhamminess
  • Battlestar Galactica: Pegasus
  • A game about another space-ship
  • Treachery!
  • Bits in the box
  • Like a brig
  • Duty & Honour
  • How many groats are in a... eh.
  • You get the sex?
  • A large moustache
  • Donkey-tending
  • Your physical pain-hole
  • A go on a horse
  • 4 shots a minute
  • Small World
  • Guys sitting on tiles
  • The same rebuttal
  • Mildly amusing flying giants
  • The little icon
  • One for everybody in the audience
  • The greatest game in the history of the world
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