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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Feb 2, 2011

GP:  Another year of regular blather in the bag, it's time to celebrate the only way we know how (apparently): with a pub quiz, ritual beloved of gamers everywhere (except possibly abroad)!  This innovation, in combination with cheap cans, lets you take the pub quiz with you, for the busy gamer on the go.  Stuck in traffic?  Bored in a meeting?  Significant other telling you about something important?  Pop in your earphones, crack open a cold one and get scribbling down answers to our 50 exciting questions.  There's a prize in it for you if you win, which frankly you're quite likely to do.

Download this and become the obnoxiously-celebrating victor!  Closing date is the 16th of February, with ties broken by earliness.  Except Stu's bonus round.

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