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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Feb 18, 2015

This week's hosts: Liam, Humbug, Graham and Eoin

Do you like pub quizzes? Do you like money? Then compete in the 6th Annual Adventuring Party Pub Quiz for a fabulous €50 prize! As in, the prize itself is €50 in your local gaming store. Even if you live abroad - we'll sort it out with your local shop. We've mixed things up a bit this year, and instead of the usual hour-long slog through a billion questions, we're only asking three questions each. So this year is a much tighter 15-question affair. Go on, give it a go! Send your answers by email to - the closing date for entries is midnight, March 17th.


Show notes:

  • 0.59: Oh man, "Most Regular" is pretty lame. Thank God we've got "Award Winning" to say now instead.
  • 1.41: Fabulous prizes! I'm not in this episode, I just wanted to join in. I felt left out!
  • 3.34: I'm guessing "Billy No-Mates"
  • 6.52: That's the only good bit in Expendables 2. Dreadful movie.
  • 8.40: I bet all this would be hilarious if I knew anything about Deadlands.
  • 10.20: Quote of the Episode: "I have consulted with my brain; and apparently the joke I wanted to make, I shouldn't make"
  • 17.38: This egg conversation has now ouefficially been going on for too long.
  • 21.41: You can just tell by Liam's laugh that he's thinking rude thoughts.
  • 22.23: I'm quite concerned about this, as I've received no picture. Good luck, everyone! (Oh wait, I've got it now. Crisis averted)
  • 24.10: It's God-damn uncanny.
  • 27.13: Liam is unstoppable this week!
  • 28.10: Send your answers to

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The Questions:

Round Eoin

1. In the 13th Age RPG, which Icon does not appear on the Kickstarter-exclusive Icon dice?

2. In a recent Anime series, which character is known as "The Villain with Glasses"?

3. In the recently released boardgames Shadows of Brimstone, what happens when you roll 1 on the movement dice?


Round Liam

1. What conventions did the Adventuring Party do panels at in 2014?

2. What game were we talking about when Icecream asked "is it remarkably racist against Space Jews?"



Round Graham

1. Who first came up with the theory of time travel that Dr. Samuel Beckett uses to leap around in Quantum Leap?

2. What breakfast food did scientists recently figure out how to uncork?

3. Which character in a popular children's/adult's cartoon can be called by the initials FTH?


Round Humbug

1. A boardgame and a games company have different names, but they both translate to the same phrase. What is that phrase?

2. Where did Captain Picard get his flute?

3. What is the rank of the pictured character?


Round Icecream

1. Why does the Proclaimers + Vanessa Cartlon = the Pretenders?

2. What comic book character can be heard, but not seen, in Deus Ex?

3. An abundance of what substance ruined Peg's porridge?