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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Feb 8, 2017

This week's hosts: Liam, Brian, Sean, Cathal and Eoin

Join us in celebrating 8 years of The Adventuring Party by taking part in our annual pub quiz! Up for grabs is €50 in your local gaming store. Even if you live outside of the Emerald Isle - we'll sort it out with your local shop.

Answers by email to - the closing date for entries is midnight, March 8th.

Show Notes:

  • 02:10    The editor COULD have cleared up the muddled ramblings of Sean at this point, but its more fun to keep them in!
  • 02:30    Thats the 8th of March for all you quiz entrants out there.


  • 03:20    Round Cathal (Dice Game Score = 26)
    • C1 In Tron one of most popular sports involved throwing circular items at each other until someone was derezzed, what were these items called?
    • C2 Turanga Leela became the first woman to play in the professional league of which sport?
    • C3 How many points is a golden snitch worth in quidditch?
    • C4 Where would you expect to play Flamingo Croquet?
    • C5 Jiggly Ball, the ultimate use of tennis balls was featured in which tv show?
    • C6 What is the appropriate defense to "You fight like a dairy farmer"?
    • C7 In final fantasy 7 you get a gold chocobo if you breed a wonderful chocobo with what colour?
    • C8 The blue shell which punishes the winning player is from what racing game?


  • 06:35    Round Brian (Dice Game Score = 34)
    • B1 What is the cause of the zombies in The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue?
    • B2 Where on Earth are you closest to space?
    • B3 Poncho, Hawkins, Billy, Blain and Mac were members of whose team?
    • B4 Which US Civil War officer is attributed the quote 'The only good Indian is a dead Indian'?
    • B5 Who vows to make alien bastards pay for shooting up his ride?
    • B6 What rank is Al in Quantum Leap?
    • B7 The recently released 5th edition of which classic board game comes with d6's, d8's and a d16?
    • B8 Provide a forumla to determine the total number of pips on any given die type?


  • 10:35    Round Sean (Dice Game Score = 42)
    • S1 Not counting the starter set or the three core rulebooks, how many supplement books and adventure books have been released by Wizards of the Coast for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition to date? (Not including Adventurer’s League scenarios.)
    • S2 In One-Punch Man, How did Saitama, get his superpowers, according to himself?
    • S3 During a protest on Ceres Station, you see a poster that reads “Remember the Cant.” Who’s face is on the poster?
    • S4 In Doc McStuffins, who gave Doc her Magic Stethoscope?
    • S5 Nicki Minaj voices which Steven Universe character?
    • S6 In the main Marvel continuity, how many humans have carried the title of Captain Marvel?
    • S7 In the Lupin the Third board game, Lupin’s victory condition is to escape with the treasure and all of his gang with him. What is Fujiko’s victory condition?
    • S8 In the board game, Doggy Go! How many breeds of dogs are there?


  • 14:55    Round Eoin  (Dice Game Score = 36)
    • E1 Who was the 30th entrant in the 2017 Royal Rumble?
    • E2 What system is currently being used by Conan, Mutant Chronicles and Infinity RPG’s?
    • E3 In Star Wars Destiny, what point cost is the elite version of Luke Skywalker?
    • E4 Which monster devours iron with a wave of its feathery tendrils?
    • E5 Which anime series last year involved a person travelling back to his own youth in school?
    • E6 How many years late is Far West rpg?
    • E7 Which publisher is working on the 4th edition  of Warhammer Fantasy RPG?
    • E8 Which Pathfinder small creature has the fastest Base land speed in the game?


  • 20:43    Round Liam  (Dice Game Score = 14)
    • L1 Gencon has an anniversary this year, which one is it?
    • L2 In 2016, in the regular marvel continuity, who killed War Machine (James Rhodes)?
    • L3 The day after Gencon what is happening in 14 of the continental states of the USA?
    • L4 What game won "Spiel des Jahres" this year (in the overall game of the year category)?
    • L5 Where is Leprecon taking place this year?
    • L6 What is the current theme/season for pathfinder society?
    • L7 What are the playable powers in Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition?
    • L8 What team has won the most superbowls? (In the case of a tie who did it first)


  • 25:35 Thank you to last years winner who generously gave their prize back to charity.