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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Mar 3, 2010

GP: Your time is up!  Minions, collect the answer sheets!  Pencils down!  Don't make me take off my sunglasses!  With the opening time of the Pub Quiz past, Shane, Liam, Dave and humbug welcome Cillian aboard as a new fifth Beatle, and make asses of themselves attempting to answer their own questions after having had a month to research them.  Pitiful, really.  Also, the actual winner is announced - assuming that is that it isn't The Adventuring Party.  Features:

  • A new contestant
  • Scoring our contestants
  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
  • Round humbug
  • The owlbear question
  • humbug forgets about Yorkshire and Black Sea
  • Not the Necronomicon
  • Round Shane
  • Liam's knobulous face
  • Round Liam
  • Races and political alliances
  • Round Dave
  • Mysteriously vanishing whiskey
  • A short pause
  • The losers
  • The winner

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