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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Mar 11, 2020

This week's hosts: Shane and Savage, with Special Guest Conrad.

Title Image based on, and used under Creative Commons v2.0.

This week, Shane and Conrad battle for the soul of Old-School RPGs, while Savage watches from the Pulpit of Neutrality, and occasionally tosses a half-eaten opinion into the ring.

Show notes:

01:04 – This all came from Our First OSR Episode, which has apparently gone down in infamy

01:11 – The baseless accusations begin

02:36 – Sound Effects!

05:01 – To be fair, they also hate 4E

06:14 – Grognardia, which is no longer updated, and Blood of Prokopius, which is still active

08:27 – Savage’s crime

09:40 – The Black Hack, Index Card RPG, Scarlet Heroes and Stars Without Number

09:59 – Gangbusters B/X, which I’d never heard of but amn’t that surprised to find exists.

10:16 – The OSR’s identity problem

11:13 – It took me a while to find out what a Kango hammer is. It seems to be a genericised brandname for pneumatic jackhammers, which I thought were more for breaking concrete than forcing pegs into holes.

11:30 – Our Combat as Sport Vs Combat as War episode

12:35 – Dragonlance, once TSR’s biggest property, now mostly forgotten. And that means the OSR people are remembering a time even before that!

12:41 – Vampire The Masquerade: Transylvania Chronicles. I’ll let WoD Veterans vent their spleens about this one

13:07 – Dolmenwood

13:46 – The actual title is even more pretentious than I made it sound

15:16 – Our Rulings vs Rules episode

16:55 – A weighty math-rock indeed

18:27 – The Midderlands

18:51 – AKA Sturgeon’s Law

21:04 – The Real Rulebook of 5E

22:52 – Don’t give it away so soon!

27:35 – The Shocking Twist!

27:45 – Isle of Dread (Specifically I’m using the fancy hardback version by Goodman Games)

30:16 – If you’d like to hear my pages of wasted diatribes, ask me a question on our Discord Server! Link below.

30:54 – Is this the good future or the bad future, Savage?

31:07 – Joy and Forgetfulness. It seems Blogspot ate Blogger at some point, and no-one really noticed

31:26 – Send Three and Fourpence

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