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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Apr 4, 2018

This week's hosts: Liam, and Seán
This week, the party review Fictionary; The Dictionary Game, and Sushi Go! Party


00:00 - We're recruiting, could you tell? Join us!
00:58 - Liam thought he was getting a game, boy was he in for a surprise.
01:53 - If it wasn't apparent, these are very big books.
02:00 - Fictionary! Or, The Dictionary Game. -
02:44 - Jobbernowl.
04:40 - Liam the skeptic.
06:18 - As in a head, that is blockish.
09:01 - The "Cambridge Modern Dictionary" came from confusing the names of dictionaries we tried.
09:07 - Or at least everybody knew every word we tried.
09:20 - Privilage of being well educated showing here. If you know words you'll need a more obscure dictionary to play.
09:58 - Play with people who speak English as a second language at your risk.
11:40 - Costs as much as you spend on a dictionary. (And pens and paper...)
11:58 - Particularly as I have learned, the Cambridge Dictionary seems to be for those learning English.
13:55 - Not kidding.
14:29 - Another plug for married with meeples, if you haven't subscribed yet. -
14:45 -
15:17 - Yes, Wasabi is an item on the menu.
15:31 - Each "Set Menu" uses a number of the available decks in the box.
16:13 - Drafting sushi.
16:52 - Strick rules for serving sushi.
17:30 - Special as in "Today's Special is Wasabi. No this isn't a joke."
18:55 - This maki is adorable.
20:30 - Liam gets distracted
23:28 - "Set aside your ice cream" are hard words to hear, even if it is cardboard.
25:42 - Liam, memory man.
26:20 - Some of this sushi is very complex.
26:50 - Don't overdo the tofu!
27:30 - Dumplings are just like real life.
31:00 - Did we mention it comes in a tin?! It comes in a tin.
34:00 - On our review scores. Why so positive?
34:30 - Dark Souls, the board game.