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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jun 9, 2009

Int: Back to it, I guess... Shane, Oisín and Dave attempt to preview Q-Con 2009, but probably mostly end up previewing a strange figment of their collective imagination. No real enhanced content in this one due to it being late, sorry about that!

over fifteen years ago

The last time Q-Nightmare ran was two years ago, and it was, indeed, the Best Thing Ever. It\'s not on the timetable for this year, though, so I do not predict its return.

Starblazer is Spirit Of The Century in Space, based on the background of an old UK sci-fi comic. I am thoroughly looking forward to trying it.

over fifteen years ago

Did Dave just allude to invading Northern Ireland via train?

Q-Nightmare was pure awesome.

4D dungeon will, assuming it\'s similar to the 3D dungeons of years past, be the SECOND best thing ever. Assuming you get a good group. Highly recommended and will be in high demand.