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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

May 13, 2020


This week's hosts: Shiv, Savage and Shane

This week, the party discuss the Medieval period, and how it was more interesting that it's usually given credit for.

Show notes:

00:45: ‘A Hector of Grain’

01:13: ‘The well from which we mine the mind-silver of our generic fantasy’ - Truly, the world was spared when I decided not to become a speechwriter

02:25: Shiv starts us off with Demographics and Population Density

04:04: Dublinia, a spot that’s well worth a visit if you’re in Dublin and there’s no quarantine

05:58: Savage gets us back to what we should be doing: Blaming the English

09:30: Travel – People did do it

11:30: Regional Economics

11:55: Homogeneity – Mostly just a myth

13:14: ‘Lancelot is meant to be French’d’

13:26: Palamedes, the Token Black Guy of Arthurian Myth

14:18: ‘Muck-raking seraph’

15:50: Differing levels of worldliness depending on where you are

18:00: Issues of Land Ownership and Trespassing

19:00: The peasants might not be ignorant but they were revolting

19:57: Lack of liquid currency, reliance on barter and trade goods

22:02: Turns out the solution was on your character sheet. Checkmate, OSRists

22:30: Medieval Industry

23:20: Magenta – A Lie made up by Satan

24:35: Landsknechts

25:30: Fairs and Celebrations

27:00: Acceptable Breaks from Medieval Reality

28:33: Feudal Scifi like Dune and Warhammer 40000

29:22: Someone in town probably knows your language and can read your letter

30:15: There’s some flavour to throw into your Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign

32:!5: If I could walk with the manticores, talk with the manticores, claw and bite and sting with the manticores....

33:41: The ‘Medieval Mindset’

34:37: Our well-timed and extremely tasteful episode on Plague


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