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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Sep 11, 2019

Episode 557

This week's hosts: Shane, Eoin, and Savage

This week the party are gathering around the conference table to draft a memo about running an organisation in a tabletop RPG. What aspects of being part of something bigger appeal and to whom? When is the extra effort of drafting an org chart and assigning roles going to advance your parties goals and when is it all just so much busywork? Let's listen in to find out.

Show Notes:

01:30 - Always best to start with a mission statement. Take it away Shane!

02:15 - See previous episode (556) about skill systems. 

03:40 - Time for a 'Make Birthright Official Again' petition?

04:40 - Matt Coville's Strongholds & Followers book. Bringing fantasy and adventure to doing up the weekly roster.

07:30 - Just because you can include organisation rules, should you?

09:00 - Yo dawg! I heard you like orgs in your systems, so we systemed up your orgs and put orgs in your system! And some flatscreen TVs!

09:55 - Ever notice how nearly everything Shane says when he's conjuring up examples is something you could spin off into a whole campaign?

10:40 - One is the org-ist number.

11.35 - The best org is inside a bigger org!

12:00 - Careful with that nice new army! Those things cost money. No problem sending my closest companions on the suicide missions...

14:00  X-Com: A perfect blend of fighting for the future of Humanity and filing paperclip procurement orders.

16:55 - If you want to get through a bout of the shambling dead you are going to have to have your middle-management hat screwed on tight.

18:00 - What do organisations fight? Other organisations!

19:30 - Time to put together a crack executive team. Take some levels in CTO!

21:25 - The logistics of kingdom building. Thankfully you can usually source natives locally.

22:30 - Hell's Rebels from Pathfinder RPG

24:20 - Organised Crime - Still remarkably chaotic. See Blades in the Dark.

26:30 - I get the feeling Shane would make a good warlord. Not 'good' good, but very... good?

28:40 - Your Party: End Game. Know where to draw the bottom line.

30:55 - Stars Without Number RPG. Shane's copy looked like an accounting textbook. Probably the original version.

32:00 - Stargate RPG

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