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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jun 5, 2019

Episode 543

This week's hosts: Liam, Shane, Eoin and Savage

This week the party pull open the loot sacks and take a look at the new releases in fantasy roleplaying. We're starting with DnD releases before looking at Pathfinder rumours, promising news from the World of Warhammer and the latest developments in paint!

Show notes:
01:35 - Ghosts of Saltmarsh - Official pitch and a review
03:25 - Dead in Thay
06:15 - Wizkids release a €200 ship and it doesn't even have oars!
09:10 - Descent into Baldur's Gate
10:20 - Eberron Baby!!!
12:20 - Guildmasters' Guide of Ravnica
13:30 - WFRP: Enemy in Shadows by Cubicle Seven 
14:10 - WFRP Start Box - See Episode 540
16:15 - The shocking truth about Warhammer Gnomes.
20:00 - An aggressive release schedule m'lord!
22:00 - Pathfinder 2.0
22:30 - Umm... We get a little bit off track and talk about the problems with balancing magical healing. Sizzle wands!
30:00 - Other Paizo announcements around Pathfinder 2
31:00 - UK Games Expo - Hopefully we will have a round-up on this soon.
32:20 - Games Workshop/Citadel contrast paint system
38:20 - Eoin hits us with some actual details - Research!
39:10 - Down with drybrushing!

News Intro Sound by Maximilien via Used under an Attribution 3.0 license.