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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Oct 1, 2014

This week's hosts: Liam, Icecream and Stu

Armed with an ACTUAL MAILBAG this week, the Adventuring Party selects two questions to be answered. What they are, I leave as a surprise to the listener! I wouldn't want to spoiler it here.

Show notes:

  • Question One asks us to pick RPG modules for a library of the best ever written.
  • 1.57: Stu's pick is “Tomb of the Iron Medusa
  • 2.30: I'm referencing a specific Penny Arcade cartoon here.
  • 6.05: Liam's pick is “Prison Planet” (by noted industry figure Gar Hanrahan) 
  • 12.02: Cian's pick is Monte Cook's “The Devil's Spine” by Monte Cook
  • 13.17: Quote of the Episode: “Oh no, they're not called Mages, they're called Nanos. What do they do? They're Mages!”
  • 17.12: Question Two asks Liam to discuss the possibility of an RPG based around trading rather than combat

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