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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jun 24, 2020

The Adventuring Party - Episode 597

This week's hosts: Eoin, Liam, Savage and Shane.

This week, the party choose THE GREATEST RPG OF ALL TIME...Or at least, they begin the multi-episode process of whittling the top 64 down to 1.

Show notes:

00:50: MARCH MADNESS! [ ]

01:17: Math! [ ]

02:09: Eoin comes tackling in with the Actual Topic to save Fantasy Football from THE TRUTH.

03:22: That’s a rattle you can trust.

04:00: Impending Anniversary! You’re all cordially invited. Now we just need to come up with a topic worth the milestone...

04:49: Members of the After-Party, assemble!

05:11: More specific to gaming, there are more episode of TAP than of Fear The Boot, our main rival for Longest Running Gaming Podcast [ ]

05:43: GET ON WITH IT!

05:55: Bracket 1: Pathfinder 2e [ ] vs Traveller [ ]

06:05: Not a moment’s hesitation.

06:39: Current Year Argument!

08:28: Wikipedia says the latest version of Traveller is the 2nd Edition of the Mongoose Publishing version, from 2016. [ ]

10:25: Said Cover:

11:11: Bracket 2: Runequest [ ] vs D20 Modern [ ]

14:06: Bracket 3: FFG Star Wars [ ] Vs....A Fallout game we’re not sure exists?

14:50: It seems Eoin is right: The 2d20 version appears to still be in Beta, while the Wargame spinoff RPG is in stores [ ]

16:45: The implication is that the beta PDF alone was so popular on Roll20 that it showed up on their last set of listings, which is a strong show.

17:38: Genesys, the Fantasy Flight Generic System based on their Star Wars game [ ]

19:50: Bracket 4: Legend of the Five Rings [ ] vs D&D 4e [ ]

20:04: Brutes were poo-poo’d by Showfriend Colin on our recent Wed/Bed/Behead Episode [ ]

21:43: The ‘WoW stole all my mates so now I hate 4e’ theory was previously covered by Eoin in our 4e Retrospective episode [ ]

25:13: Bracket 5: Savage Worlds [ ] vs Mutant Chronicles 2d20 [ ]

26:35: Target Games being the original makers of Mutant Chronicles and the Warzone wargame that spun off from it.

28:18: Don’t Mention The Movie!!!

31:50: Bracket 6: Star Wars D20 [ ] vs Pendragon [ ]

32:49: I’m sure there’s some planet in the Inner Sphere that’s famous for its space honey.

32:59: Knight Houses are from 40k [ ]

34:20: Namely KOTOR 1 and 2 [ ]

35:06: They only had 14 months to develop that game, Mick! Cut them some slack!

35:40: Basic RolePlaying, by Chaosium [ ]

38:48: Bracket 7: Call of Cthulhu [ ] vs Apocalypse World and its ‘Powered By The Apocalypse’ spinoffs [ ]

41:29: Pelgrane Press Interview!

42:27: Apocalypse World 1e was released in 2010, while the original version of CoC was 1981. So yes, its just shy of 4 times older than AW.

44:09: Quote of the Episode - “You’re not racist enough Shane.” “Yeah, you like black people too much.”

46:05: Bracket 8 (of 32 for the first round): Game of Thrones [ ] vs Exalted [ ]

47:23: I say that, but right now I can only find evidence of the GoO Tri-Stat and D20 versions, and the Green Ronin version. Likely I’m thinking of the umpteen fan-conversions for other systems.

49:07: Ok, my sense of time is off. The main book has been out since 2016, though it seems that only a few supplements have been released in that span.

52:47: ONE PUNCH!!!

53:53: It’ll be grand, variety is the spice of life!


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