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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Sep 30, 2020

The Adventuring Party - Episode 612

This week's hosts: Gavin, Scarr and Savage Mick

Editor - Scarr

Image Credit - "The Devil's Own" 88th Regiment at the Siege of Badajoz by Richard Caton Woodville

This week, the party square up to begin Round 2 of the battle to determine the Greatest RPG In The World!

Show notes:

01:40: See the 4 episodes of Round 1 here:

02:50: Alcohol Sponsorship is a proud Irish tradition

04:28: Remember, people who liked the Round 1 Losers: Your favorite RPG is ‘Chaff’ and not worth worrying about.

04:52: Match 1 – Pathfinder 2nd Edition ( ) vs Runequest ( )

05:15: Philistine!

06:20: Probably apocryphal, but I would imagine the legend speaks to the man underneath

07:35: Gavin representing the True Pathfinder Fans here

09:53: I’ve been typed already?

13:40: - The mentioned 00s edition

18:03:  Match 2 - FFG Star Wars [ ] Vs Legend of the Five Rings [ ]

21:50: Getting meta, are we?

23:37:  Match 3 -Savage Worlds [ ] vs Pendragon [ ]

31:15: Match 4 - Call of Cthulhu [ ] vs Exalted [ ]

35:20: Words, meaning things? Don’t be outrageous!

38:26: Do you think you should be generous to us, listeners?

40:05: And if for some mad reason you don’t want to come to our Discord, Wayne’s video can be found here:

41:13: Match 5 - Advanced D&D 1st Edition [ ] vs d6 StarWars (Westend Games) [ ]

42:39: Apparently Magic: The Gathering is open to all IPs now...

42:59: Nope, I’m completely off, Return of the Jedi was 4 years in the can when WEG Star Wars was released.

43:16: My particular Star Wars Novel Discussion Podcast is Expounded Universe, made by the same folks as RPG review cast System Mastery:

49:30: As usual, see here for our current take on OSR, and the link to the original episode where I wow’d the team with the concept:

49:45: Match 6 - WoD Changeling [ ] vs Deadlands [ ]

58:06: Match 7 - Ars Magica [ ] vs WoD Mage [ ]

01:03:46: Bad Political Analogies? In my gaming podcast? Heavens Forfend!

01:07:10: Match 8 - Mutants & Masterminds [ ] vs Lancer [ ] 

01:07:54: Savage keeps saying he’s going to change his mind on things....


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