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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jul 23, 2014

What up, scrubs? This week, we discuss two live-action events; one which has gone, and one which is yet to come. The Academy of Eblana event 3 (or 4, depending on who you ask) was in Louth at the end of last month, and Last Summer Weekend will be on in the Dublin Mountains this Saturday... yes, three days from now.

This week's hosts: Liam, Graham, Cian and Oisin


Guest: Nick Huggins

Show notes:

  • 0.37: For those at home, we're talking to gaming legend Nick Huggins. Well, he's a legend to me. I manage to contain myself when I'm in his company, but he was responsible for the most amazing LARPs I played at Irish conventions when I had just started attending them as a wee un, so talking to him is effectively meeting a childhood hero for me. Man, I hope Nick doesn't read these show notes.
  • 0.52: Last Summer Weekend! 
  • 0.58: Academy of Eblana!
  • 1.48: God DAMN that was a smooth plug from Graham. He's right, though, the IGA does have a new website. Check it out!
  • 3.32: It occurs to me that most of the derailing on this show may be my fault.
  • 4.56: It also occurs to me that I should put up a link to this calendar we've been plugging. Google Calendar!
  • 10.27: Man, I really hope I pronounced Hannah's name correctly there. If not; sorry, Hannah!
  • 20.23: Eblana discussion begins here
  • 21.14: The Sidhe. They're not a bunch of happy chappies. Well, they can be, but not for any reasons that would make you happy. Unless you're a remorseless sociopath.
  • 23.48: I didn't know Eoin was at Eblana. Zing! Oh snap! Oh burn! It's easier to rag on Eoin when he isn't there, being smarter than me.
  • 34.36: In a remarkable reversal of Irish stereotypes, Nick starts fights when he HASN'T been drinking.
  • 40.39: Quote of the Episode: "I'm now seeing you as that guy... who was that guy from Trainspotting?... that's not helpful, they were all Scottish"
  • 40.52: The conversation concerning mass character death begins here. Good stuff all round, I felt.