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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

May 27, 2014

In the HOT SEAT in this week's Adventuring Party is Dean Eaton from the Irish Guild of Live Role Players Dublin Branch, speaking about their upcoming event from the 20th to 22nd of June. We ask the HARD QUESTIONS, with a PUNISHING LINE-UP of BRUTAL VERBAL ASSAULTS. 

God no, we just banter. I think Dean was actually somewhat surprised at just how much of our run-time is us talking crap. We started recording very late because we were having too much fun just sitting around chatting. Gamers, eh?

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  • 1.20: Economic upswing? Free puppies? A big bag of... sweets?
  • 1.23: Glencree in the Wicklow Mountains
  • 2.49: Will those knick knacks come with a paddywhack? If we bring a dog, will a bone be provided?
  • 4.06: Spar carries a whole range of Ham products.
  • 4.52: Last Summer Weekend! Tell your friends!
  • 6.01: It's just like Kangaroo Island
  • 6.50: Dagda's "bowl"
  • 10.40: Cream crackered... I love it
  • 18.01: If I'm GMing you, there's still no-one to know the rules for you.
  • 19.44: It's JUST like chess, except everyone wears armour and beats the crap out of one another. So it's better than chess.
  • 21.56: It's an inanimate carbon rod!
  • 23.50: Listening to Graham and Eoin discuss in intimate detail the most effective way to dagger somebody to death, I wanted to make the note “terrifying” here. Then I said it in the episode. Good to know I've got a consistent response to that.
  • 24.52: It's all right; masturbation isn't a rude word, despite what your Priest may have told you. Or your teacher. Or that librarian, that time.
  • 25.56: Greamairí, not “na plierín” or “an pliers” as Graham and I suggested
  • 30.57: Quote of the Episode: “The Bees attract the Bear of Doom!”
  • 37.28: Eldritch
  • 40.02: Through the magic of photography, you CAN see that chainmail armour! And Graham as a Fomorian.
  • 44.31: Damn it! I'll never get my Air Lute World Tour off the ground at this rate.


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