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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Nov 24, 2009

Per: Units of toy soldiers skirmish over imaginary battlefields, complete with advanced rules for firefights, objectives, intelligence, explosives and even airstrikes. The unusual part is that this time, the toy soldier is you. Shane, Dave and humbug meet with a sniffly DoC from the Irish Airsoft Association to take a look at running about for wagamers. Features:

  • Irish Airsoft Association
  • A story
  • Deadly weapons
  • That German guy from Die Hard
  • Your own activity level
  • Sitting-in-a-tree fun
  • That gun with the funny sight that cocks off to one side from Die Hard
  • Faint whining
  • Pokemon for grown-ups
  • A flag the shape of a briefcase
  • Running with your human legs
  • Chairsofting
  • The Argument
  • Berget 7
  • Running up a ski resort in summertime
  • The Jebrovian Conflict
  • The Liberation of Fictionalistan
  • Phoenix Rising III
  • The South rising again
  • The Mall
  • The coolest man on Earth

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