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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Sep 18, 2019

Episode 558

This week's hosts: Shane, Eoin and Savage

This week the party slip on the rose-tinted goggles +1 (No effect) and take a look back at one of the most devisive editions of Dungeons & Dragons - 4th Ed. Was it a move in the right direction or a departure to parts unknown? Did it leave a lasting mark or has it been edited out of the beloved game of high fantasy and adventure? Let's get out those dog-eared character sheets, dust off our actions points and find out!

Show notes:
01:30 - Not much to say this week but let's just acknowledge that Temple of Doom is the one where most of the genre thropes are ripped from. 

02:30 - Financial success is probably as important as being technically correct... as long as you are not the one paying the bills. 

04:00 - My name is Savage and I'm a Character Optimisation Junkie. Admitting you have a problem is the first step.

05:00 - The Book of Erotic Fantasy. I'm not saying you should read it, but think about how curious you are and maybe go looking for the PDF, just so you know what to avoid...

06:00 - Eberron! Nothing to add, I just like saying it.

06:45 - Yes, we are still talking about 3.5 edition...

07:00 - So, naturally we move on to World of Warcraft...

07:45 - If print is so dead are there any library liches?

09:55 - I finally get the boot in over some long-held WoW grudges, 15 years on.

11:10 - That's the sound of a graphic designer breaking out in a cold sweat.

11:55 - And now the timeline splits.

13:00 - Twitter arrived in March 2006.

13:50 - (Later Twitch) shows up in June 2011.

14:35 - I promise we do talk about 4th Edition in this episode. this is what happens when you let old men ramble.

15:55 - Time for the maths.

16:50 - Savage mentions Crafting DM's for the umpteenith episode in a row.

17:30 - We're gonna' need a bigger table.

18:10 - Linear Fighter/Quadratic Wizard - There has got to be a t-shirt in that.

19:50 - Soon we will be able to put together a clipshow of times we mention the 'Lost Episode'. If anyone want's us to record it again, start a petition.

21:00 - 16 fights to level up? Who has time for that. Let's get some XP for talking, huh?

22:15 - Time to get on the combo hobby horse.

25:20 - Shane, the hero we deserve, finally says it. IT.

26:20 - Now that we've administered a beating we will now laud the victim.

28:30 - Nu Faerun sucks!

29:30 - The importance of adventures in an adventuring game. An object lesson.

30:50 - Lots of things that 4th Ed. moved first on. Probably doesn't get enough credit for half of it.

32:05 - Isn't it funny how few rules for roleplaying you need in your combat simulation ruleset?

32:40 - Complicated classes? To the Optimisation forums!

33:30 - "What are Hitpoints even?" - The question of our time.

34:10 - That was a horrible segue. Let's get out of here!

Do you have a favourite edition of DnD? Was there anything in 4th Edition you wanted to carry forward?

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