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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Dec 18, 2019

Episode 571

This week's hosts: Shane, Eoin & Savage. Special Guests: Colin Eager & Baz Sheppard

This week the party roll up their sleeves, put up their fists and square off to discuss skirmish wargames.

Show Notes - Things we discussed in this episode

Kill Team
Gorka Morka / Speed Freaks
Warhammer / Warhammer 40K
(Games Workshop)

Black Ops (Osprey)

Ambush Alley / Force on Force (Ambush Alley Games)

Bolt Action (Warlord Games)

X-Wing (Fantasy Flight Games)

Hoards/Warmachine (Privateer Press)

Infinity / Defiance (Corvus Belli)


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