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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

May 4, 2016

This week's hosts: Brian, Eoin, Liam and Mary

This week, we discuss when, why and if you should surrender inRPGs.

 Show notes:

  • 00:13    Just kidding, we merely discuss givingup.
  • 00:31    Copyright pending. (SpinOff 1, OriginalTopic)
  • 00:39    The party that flee together, DnDtogether
  • 00:51    DnD reference at under 1 minute
  • 00:59    Not the sound of Eoin coughing, "WFRP"is actually short for Warhammer Fantasy Role Play
  • 01:06    BigBad
  • 02:24    Notice Eoin quickly shying away fromfractions here.
  • 03:53    "shshhshkkssghss" according to googletranslate this is Air Elementalese for "Run you fools!" either thator "Dibs on the last slice of Pizza"
  • 05:07    Looting the corpses of your fallencomrades is a time honoured tradition among adventurers (andextremely pragmatic).
  • 06:42    Sweepthe Leg
  • 06:52    Flip it!
  • 07:07    Firefly - Serenity
  • 08:22    Flip it 2!
  • 08:27    Still technically part of the lastflip, I will refer to this as "Flip it 2A".
  • 13:35    Sometimes your party just needs tofail to trigger more plot.
  • 14:40    Note, Eoin does not ask about takingcharacters hostage, he asks about "players", make of that what youwill....
  • 15:50    Quote of the episode "Mercy, we'll workwith you... you're our new overlord!"
  • 17:48    Star Wars Roleplaying game, released as(what else but) a trilogy, in the form of Edge of the Empire (2013), Age of Rebellion (2014) and Force and Destiny (2015)
  • 19:26    Fellow host Stu, sure he doesn't showup often (his last pub quiz round was in 2014) but thats why we allstill like him right?
  • 19:30    FLIP it 3!
  • 20:12    I believe the silence here represents"What the hell guys!"
  • 21:02    At this stage methinks Eoin is flat outdescribing Railroading
  • 22:01    The "Die Evildoers" was actually thesound of the Podcasters in the next room, but our party hadn't metthem yet....
  • 22:18    Determinatorsvs CombatPragmatists
  • 23:34    RocksFall, Everyone Dies!
  • 23:42    Wow, that was such a sad and defeatedsigh from Mary, I can only assume she has unknowingly walked intoDragons Lairs in the past
  • 24:00    Meta-Annoyance from Liam
  • 24:43    Paranoia
  • 25:28    SunkCost Fallacy, or as I like to call it, my PhD.
  • 27:13    Don't worry it was all just a dream,Bobbydidn't really get hit by that car :)
  • 29:58    Who doesn't have a story about ahalfling beginning negotiations by loosing an arrow into the lizardambassadors face?
  • 33:11   AMacGuffin or possibly in this case actually a Sword of Plot Advancement