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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jan 10, 2018

This week's hosts: Liam, Oisin, Eoin and Sean

This week the party discuss why gamers love trains (but utterly fail to discuss if trains feel the same way).

Show Notes:

  • 00:41 I think Sean sums up how everyone feels at this point "This is a question I didn't even know I had until you posted it"
  • 01:07 I don't know if this is it, but check out Tokyo Freeway for some vertical freeway building action!
  • 01:09 Ticket To Ride, Transamerica, 18xx, Station Master, Railroad Tycoon, Baltimore & Ohio
  • 02:13 Ticket to Ride Europe
  • 04:57 It's an odd thing to edit an episode you weren't there for, I just keep yelling the answer at the screen "AGE OF EMPIRES, IT'S AGE OF EMPIRES!!!"
  • 06:42 AEGs "Trains" the deck building game
  • 09:08 A difference in Rail networks 1920 vs 2016 Ireland
  • 10:06 I'm interested in this game, keep talking Eoin.
  • 13:37 Pret-a-Porter (Not a la Mode)
  • 14:07 Magic Maze - I agree with Liam here, I've also played it and while it is great fun I found the theme oddly jarring. Personally I would love a sci-fi reskin where you are trying to escape some kind of self destructing complex and need to collect coloured keycards (instead of treasure) like every 90s videogame ever. Lets you explain the portals and why you need to collect everything before leaving.
  • 14:55 As a complete aside, I really love the phrase "Dollars to Donuts"
  • 15:59 I'm actually just a simple classic jam donut kinda guy myself (jelly donut for our American friends).
  • 16:02 Lifeboats
  • 16:40 Rocky Road a la Mode
  • 22:02 Thats two game ideas so far!
  • 22:18 Quote/Joke of the Episode "I don't think there has ever been any RPG where you play a train..... I think it would literally be a bit of a railroad"
  • 22:54 Galaxy Express 999
  • 24:11 Thomas the Tank Engine
  • 25:50 It was when Sean actually named the Engine that was bricked up that I actually realised he possibly had some repressed childhood PTSD about this episode.
  • 27:25 Memoir 44