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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Dec 7, 2016

This week's hosts: Cathal, Liam, Mary and Sean

This week the party review Splendor plus throw in an add-on review for the Codenames expansion.

Show notes:

  • 00:47    First pun
  • 00:54    I'm basically a saint
  • 01:07    Hey, why can't I come to the pub!
  • 01:26    Wahey, finally on topic, which is Splendor.
  • 02:56    Like I said, saint, I took a few pics, but actually everything is nicely shown in just this one.
  • 02:58    Wait whut?
  • 03:39    The rustle of a notebook as Sean begins to take notes.
  • 03:47    NOT THE GOLD CHIPS SEAN! Jeez man!
  • 06:54    100% sure he says "Nip that in the butt" here....
  • 09:05    Not Liams fault, we had written "Rubies?" on the cue cards.
  • 12:36    The Adventuring Party does not endorse winning by hiding your ace card behind a glass..... unless it gets you the victory, in which case go for it.
  • 13:08    Aiii, the awkwardness that could lead to. So gang, who was on a date most recently? Anyone, anybody? Come on!
  • 14:15    Where we learn Sean is actually a baby
  • 14:23    A very very hairy baby
  • 18:20    Liam declares he didnt get the "flow" until about his fourth game, to be clear though the rules themselves (though possibly hard to explain in audio format) are actually something you will most likely pick up before the end of your first game.
  • 19:29    Pit
  • 19:37    Blank = "Not very nice person"
  • 22:13    Splendor: Score
  • 23:50    Codenames: Pictures
  • 23:56    Codenames (original review)
  • 24:25    Seans idea of a 5x4 grid
  • 25:05    An actual 5x4 grid
  • 25:40    Quote of the episode Liam (to Sean) "Don't show us that, hide that!"
  • 26:36    Okay this one I didn't actually get a picture of....
  • 28:04    That "ding ding ding ding ding" represents the depth of the connection Sean and I share, and to mark that we got to place a little blue agent on the board
  • 30:15    Marys "ding ding ding ding ding" means NOTHING, we just gave her and Liam a red agent to make them feel better
  • 31:31    Best egg-timer ever
  • 32:54    Expanded designs
  • 33:25    Whats a podcast without me trying to argue ay?
  • 34:56    Has Mary been partaking of said beverages?
  • 36:54    Codenames: Pictures Score
  • 36:59    Codenames originally received a score of 15 from Mary (31:37 into the original review episode)