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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Apr 11, 2018

This week's hosts: Liam, Mary, Seán, and Óisín
This week, the party discusses cheating in board games.

00:00 - We're recruiting, could you tell? Join us!
00:58 - Seán, potential board game cheat?
01:12 - Óisín casts his accusatory net wide.
02:30 - Sanctions are easy in competitive games. 
02:52 - Seán and Liam engage in some non-verbal communication. Makes great listening. 
04:30 - Tournaments play with tournament rules.
05:50 - Classic tales in poor gamesmanship.
06:07 - Write in and tell us!
07:14 - Mistakes happen.
08:38 - Some people will juse continually make mistakes in games.
10:00 - Big multiplayer games you may not be able to restore.
10:37 - Seán has it out for Dan.
12:13 - More classic tales in poor gamesmanship. 
13:17 - Monopoly Cheater's Edition
13:40 - Munchkin
15:02 - Outrageous claims. 
16:20 - Hot tips on casual cheating. 
18:57 - Liam shouts J'accuse at every co-op game player. (Report may be exaggerated for effect.)
20:17 - Mary tells us how she really feels about Pandemic.
21:43 - More hot tips for quick and easy cheating. 
26:38 - Yet more classic tales in poor gamesmanship.
32:53 - Mary still doesn't know what cards are in her deck. Mistakes can be genuine. 
34:15 - Diplomatically phrased non accusatory sanctions. 
34:44 - Seán rules from a position of pivilage in that he doesn't play with cheats.
35:16 -
35:38 - But we'd all like to get paid for playing Dominiant Species. 
38:56 - If you play Monopoly like this, don't let us stop you. (But you're doing it wrong.)