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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Dec 26, 2018

This week's hosts: Liam, Savage, and Shiv.
This week, the party discuss their predictions for what we will see in the world of gaming during 2019

Show notes:
00:44 - Inviting angry future emails
00:55 - Inviting angry present emails
01:20 - Shiv steps up to the plate
02:02 - Brass... Degree in economics required
02:56 - Shiv knows that if she can't get a hold of a game... it must be good
03:41 - Kickstarter exclusives for board games
04:21 - Tak Roll out board example
04:53 - Gloomhaven... is it even in print bro?
05:35 - How to pick a board game.... trust our reviews?
06:30 - The siege wall of monopoly
07:23 - Shiv's prediction "People will continue to be wrong."
08:24 - The son of the bride of the return of the kickstarter board game version 2
08:38 - Tesco are selling pandemic!! (well... not currently, but they do stock board games)
10:20 - Financial analysis and corporate governance commentary from The Adventuring Party
12:10 - Description by comparison
12:42 - Quote of the episode "My general rambling was nice, why do I have to be concise about it?"
15:00 - Moving on to roleplaying
15:30 - D&D Core Rules Gift Set limited edition, only in gaming stores
17:00 - Liam's preditiction RPG's are going to continue to struggle
17:43 - Liam retracts his Who-Ha
19:10 - Savage makes promises that I have to fulfill
19:15 - Charnel Houses of Europe: The Shoah
20:34 - Secret Hitler... not much criticism
21:45 - Savage prediction - "Rpg's are gonna get more political"
24:08 - Savage steers us away from a health services nomenclature tangent
25:20 - Pathfinder 2
26:22 - Blades in the Dark public feedback
27:35 - The cast of Critical Role will get their faces on lunch boxes
27:50 - Much to my chagrin, the party can't remember Deborah Ann Woll's name
28:00 - Relics And Rarities the new weekly RPG show starting in February starring Deborah Ann Woll as the DM
30:20 - Do we know anything about ccg's?
30:45 - Keyforge is a step in... a direction
31:45 - Artifact from Valve
33:15 - Shiv would like to see more games allowing the digital and physical to interact
35:10 - CCG companies will be hiring more graphic artists and javascript programmers
35:45 - Savage Prediction "More dense and varied scenery with the proliferation of 3d printing"
37:45 - Liam guesses that Green Ronin got the Warhammer RPG license (It was Cubicle 7)
38:10 - Kill Team will continue to grow
41:45 - Shiv predicts there's a market for personlised miniatures
45:58 - Savage is looking forward to the games he doesn't know about
46:29 - Shiv wants to see more maker meet ups and play testing