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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

May 29, 2019

Episode 542

This week's hosts: Liam, Shane and SavageThis week's hosts: Liam, Shane and Savage

This week the party reconvene GM court to attempt to clear the mounting backlog of heinous GM crimes. If you managed to get through the last episode without being found guilty, well done, but no-one gets out of here without a hefty sentence! Court is in session!

Show notes:
01:45 - The Elaborate GM. More hooks than a tackle box. More prep than a commercial kitchen.  
05:00 - And now we're a food podcast. Beef cheeks in chocolate sauce? Delicious!
06:30 - Napkin Prep GM. A tissue of lies! I'm so good at this.
09:30 - No Math GM. Something here doesn't add up.
12:30 - The Tour Guide. Should probably go work for a heritage foundation.
15:10 - Box Text Guy. Try asking them what the ceiling looks like and watch their eyes cross.
19:15 - Reactive Immunity GM. All their monsters have had all their shots.
23:00 - Bigger Numbers GM. Sometimes watching the DC go up is not the answer.
26:15 - Roll-playing GM. If you want that much simulation go work for CERN.
29:30 - The Push-Button GM. If you need assistance just mention their pet interest.
32:15 - The Acidic Sandbox. Why would you fill it with that!? 
36:10 - RAW is LAW. Rules as Written isn't ready for Players as Found.
39:50 - Rules as Toilet Paper. Sometimes soft, sometimes strong, depending on the GM's favourite brand.
42:30 - Time to deliver a final verdict. Don't worry, Gaming Court will return!