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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Nov 21, 2018

This week's hosts: Seán, Liam, and special guest Mick
This week, the party talk about RPG maps and terrain.

01:00 - It was not, in fact, Liam.
02:03 - As they say in the business, in the "Theatre of the Mind."
02:11 - Take away due to lack of table space, not meanness.
05:21 - Does your system need terrain, can it support terrain?
07:09 - Big Terrain.
09:20 - The old battle mat.
12:30 - Papercraft!
18:04 - Space.
21:22 - ninjaconor86 on Youtube. Ongoing Doctor Who game. -
21:45 - Not recaps, Seán is wrong here. Live play to lego visuals. It's good Check it out.
27:48 - 3D Printing, again.