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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Oct 16, 2019

Episode 562

This week's hosts: Eoin, Shane and Mary. Special Guest: Gavin Walsh

This week the party get to grips with what to do when you are caught short right before a session. Every GM know what it's like to be stuck for an idea or otherwise unprepared for a game. What do you do when you have no energy, no prep done, the wrong books, a table of rowdy players and only minutes to prepare? What if you are naked?! Let's see how they get themselves out of this one!

Show Notes:

Not a whole lot to add to this one folks.

However, the negative effects of drink and other substances are discussed in this episode. Any Irish gamer will tell you that there is plenty of craic to be had in the tavern telling tall tales of our triumphs and recounting near misses. Sharing those stories over a few pints is half the fun of gaming and roleplaying for many in the community.

Unfortunately, we don't always successfully make our Will saves, and sometimes that means we need some help from others. If you think you may be having trouble with habitual intoxication, and you have noticed it is affecting your gaming or relationships in general, there are people and organisations who can help.

Some useful links for those seeking further information:

And remember, you are part of a party, a wider community and a global family of gamers who are rooting for you.

Be well.

- SavageMick

Any tips for how to run a game with little or no prep?

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