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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Aug 9, 2017

This week's hosts: Cathal, Mary and Eoin

This week the party take a look at their RPGs. Are they willing to set aside there incredulity and accept some nonsense for a better game?

Show Notes:

04:10 - Falling from a plane, not always fatal. Just nearly always. 
04:25 - 18" drill bit man. Also probably almost always fatal. 
04:50 - Bit of polyfil, be grand
07:40 - Can you identify the mystery novel?
11:15 - Price of a Mars bar over a euro! You heard it hear first folks.
15:00 - aa12 is just silly
16:00 - Arthur C Clarke Law number 3: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic
21:25 - Quote of the episode: Yeah the rogues an Octopus, but it's still just D&D.
22:00 - Singularity
23:55 - If you can travel between solar systems and can produce/mitigate gravity with technology it should be pretty trivial
24:38 - Flatland RPG based on the 1884 book Flatland
31:00 - Pop pop