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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Aug 29, 2018

This week's hosts: Liam, Ian and special guests Shane and KB

This weeks editor: Ian

This week, the party review the absolutely gigantic Sentinels of the Multiverse Ultimate Collectors Case


01:30 – Liam does some eyeballing

03:50 – KB starts listing of the different editions of Sentinels

04:09 – I show my abysmally low stat in Sentinels Lore

04:30 – Sentinels 101

07:12 – Liam extolls the virtues of Ali Express

09:52 – We discuss Kickstarter Pedigree

10:42 – We start dissecting the box (Not literally… KB wouldn’t let us)

11:50 – Email us with your errata on our wildly speculative discussion of villain stats

13:50 – Sentinels continuity

14:10 – Liam reveals himself to be a filthy rotten liar

14:50 – Quote of the episode:

Ian: “... So he’s Cable?”

KB: “…Sort of… but more polite.”

15:40 – Liam shows his age

17:13 – KB has a lot more Bunkers than he thought he did

18:30 – A whole lotta talk about play mechanics

24:07 – KB may be just a little bitter about having to sleeve 3,250 cards

24:44 – Liam makes KB cry

35:33 – KB scores the box

36:24 – Pricetag

36:40 – We swear… Liam is not being sponsored by Ali Express

37:37 – KB closes