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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jun 17, 2020

The Adventuring Party - Episode 596

This week's hosts: Eoin, Savage and Shane.

This week, the party ask why things are the way they are in games, and whether game designers have some explaining to do.

Apologies for the sound quality issues, folks. We have since rectified them, don’t worry.

Show notes:

00:35: Savage begins the attack on the game writers

01:54: Shane points out how gamers hate reading

02:24: ‘It is probable you should probably have it segregated’

03:12: Eoin takes out his stakes and garlic to go hunt Dunning-Kruger again

04:38: Context from the wonderful Dara O’Briain (Language warning)

05:57: Oh! Time to put away the stakes and get out the dead horse sticks!

06:05: The tale of how White Wolf inspired the creation of a completely different system

08:25: WarHammer Fantasy RolePlay (WHFRP), for context

09:40: Savage, you’re writing cheques I can’t cash!

[CHA-CHING! No worries mate. Here are a couple of explanations:

I found these useful in understanding Bounded Accuracy and why I don't give out +5 swords in a system that shouldn't have them - Savage]

10:24: Our review of Age of Sigmar: Soulbound

10:53: You know who You are

11:44: Damn you Capitalism!

12:01: Pay no attention to the popular Gothic Horror setting behind the curtain!

12:45: The 2d20 System used by Modiphius Games

13:00: I smell a future episode topic...

13:50: Sounds familiar...

16:00: Oh? Are we actually getting to the point of the episode at last?

18:00: Fix Your Fix

19:02: As explained here

19:25: Lot of callbacks this episode

23:58: RAAAAAAngers of ShadowDEEP

26:26: I think it's this one?

26:39: Vlaada Chvatil

28:00: So, at this point we’ve established that Eoin hates game designers, game players, game fans online, and game playtesters. We’ll have to do an episode on game manfacturing and game stores so he can complete the entire game production cycle.

28:29: Our episode on Example Adventures in RPGs

29:29: Oh wow, I can actually hear the derision bubbling out of my voice as I mention OSR again. Maybe I do have a problem....

31:25: But I do like this kind of OSR Think-piecing! Really! Here’s a really good example, arguing that the terrible rules of 1st Ed D&D make way more sense if you just have more characters.


33:41: The Multi-Designer Game

35:50: Gah! Moron! Esoterrorists was Robin Laws, Ken Hite wrote Trail of Cthulhu! So embarrassing, right after our interview with the head of Pelgrane Press


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