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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Mar 20, 2019

This week, we discuss the struggle for GMs who want to keep magic items feeling magical and characterful in their game - while also trying to balance that against the aching desire that players feel for getting their hands on that Longsword of Longswordening +2.


0.35: Icecream sounds quiet for the first half of the episode, because it took us that long to notice that his microphone was off.

1.05: What are the different roles that magic items fulfill?

5.15: In Earthdawn, all magic items are named Doug. If you do not have a magic item, you are Douglas.

6.58: Weapons of Legacy

8.35: The Party generate a random magical item backstory using the 5e DMG rules. It turns out pretty good!

11.38: Say hello to the Heart of Thorn, an Orc-slaying sword carved from a hawthorn by a fallen human kingdom

12.15: Quote of the Episode
"Pfff, no one tracks EVERY year of the history of the Kingdom"
"I present to you; Battletech"

12.47: The Shane Carr Law of Magical Item Redundancy: "The problem with the +1 Longsword is not that it lacks for interesting backstory, but that the +2 Longsword exists"

15.48: Magical Items from Human Mythology

18.16: Savage Tide the adventure path

19.35: As it turns out, I was wrong, we do not have that much money. We have, at best, one third of that.

27.48: We run the dungeon to get the loot to run the harder dungeon

28.45: We get into some actual solutions

30.37: Mew mew!

32.49: Shane delivers some DEEP CUTS

33.42: Atomic Robo RPG

33.56: Final Thoughts