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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

May 24, 2017

This week's hosts: Mary, Sean and Stu

This week the party give a preview of the upcoming Hobocon, running from June 3rd to 4th in the Teachers Club, Dublin.

Show Notes:

  • 00:36 Hobocon
  • 00:46 CORRECTION! HoboCon runs from the 3rd to the **4th** of June in the Teachers Club (not the 5th as stated in the episode)
  • 01:56 You poor fools.
  • 02:12 RPGs
  • 02:18 Hobocon is known for "Recycling" RPGs from previous conventions, so a chance to play that game you missed!
  • 02:41 Pathfinder all weekend, link provided in like every previous episode ever.
  • 04:04 Sean providing you with well researched blurbage since eh, sometime last year maybe, I guess?? Damn it, *I* need to do more research.
  • 04:45 Paranoia as discussed previously can be played very straight and dark or very very slapstick whacky. Sometimes you might want to know what you are sitting down to play, then again sometimes its nice to be surprised.
  • 05:35 Finally the puppet strings are revealed!
  • 07:34 We here at the Adventuring Party are aware of Stu's uncharacteristic thoughtfulness and are currently getting him seen by the best vet in Dublin to ensure it does not indicate a deeper problem.
  • 07:58 CDO Shudder (CDO stands for Compulsive Disorder of Obsessiveness and is like OCD but in the correct alphabetical order)
  • 09:43 Thirty/Thirty  
  • 10:22 Mary disappointed Sean wont lie.
  • 10:46 I think at "Do Ponies ride Horses?" I became too disturbed and stopped listening, there will be no further show notes.

Shownotes resume:

  • 12:57 He's not going to listen, I'm editing and I'm barely listening.
  • 16:20 The poster everyone is talking about   
  • 17:10 Sorry Sean, thats a thumbs down from the future, my google foo has failed to find it!
  • 20:26 LARPS!!!
  • 21:47 Did we cover Micro Larping in our recent Larping series? Maybe not, that might be in Larping 301 - Advanced Concept in Larpology...
  • 29:15 Oh we are going to disagree on that one Mary, Moana is brilliant, Pain and Gain is great, The Mummy Returns is a great adventure and most of his filmography is just downright enjoyable fun.
  • 30:00 A movie I can't wait for it looks like a great laugh
  • 30:28 Other Stuff
  • 32:01 A Bakesale!!! You heard it here first folks (unless you didn't)
  • 40:14 Mary brings us down a dark and depressing road here Dice Vs Rent, a terrible choice to have to make.
  • 40:31 And suddenly this weeks podcast makes sense...