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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Oct 9, 2019

Episode 561

This week's hosts: Special Guest Conrad Kinch, Shane and Savage

This week the party gets together to discuss what we do when we are all alone. Solo gaming has long been the refuge of the game lover who finds themselves with a desire to play but no worthy opponents or collaborators to hand. What is this ludological cast-away to do? Listen in to hear our thoughts and suggestions for the solitary gamer.

Show Notes:

00:55 - See our last episode #560 - Rangers of Shadow Deep Review.
04:00 - Shane goes full Descartes on us a little early.
04:30 - Fighting Fantasy/Choose Your Own Adventure
05:20 - Robot Commando

08:00 - Red Coats and Minutemen by Simon Farrell & Jon Sutherland
09:00 - Sorcery! by Inkle
10:20 - Assassins of Alansia by Ian Livingstone
12:20 - Moving on from Fighting Fantasy...
12:45 - Mage Knight by Vlaada Chvátil
13:30 - Ambush!
13:45 - B-17: Queen of the Skies
14:50 - Yes, I said 'meta layer' and now we all have to live with that.
15:05 - Game book layout. When is a book designed to be read or played?
17:50 - Core books, adventure books and everything else.
18:00 - Somehow we got back to the backlog.
20:35 - And now we tell the tale of the Fall of TSR
21:15 - Feast of the Goblins
22:55 - White Plume Mountain
24:00 - We finally skid back onto the track.
25:25 - The joys of an extended universe.
27:10 - Stars Without Number review
28:15 - Solo vs Passive
30:45 - Lone Warrior Fanzine
31:20 - Blackstone Fortress boardgame
32:00 - The Men Who Would Be King - Osprey
32:50 - The Portable Wargame
35:20 - Alone Against the Dark - Chaosium
35:55 - Wargaming Machines
37:40 - Clearly we are talking about reading under poor light.

Conrad Kinch on the web
joyandforgetfulness blog


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