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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jun 29, 2011

AP:  Fact: 'actual play' podcasts are bollocks.  Even Johnny No-Mates who can't find anybody to game with should have something better to do with his time than listen to those.  Compounding the case against your listening to this episode is that humbug, Shane, and Liam intentionally set out to destroy a classic Call of...

Jun 23, 2011

+1 Int:  With last week's episode not even getting so far as previewing RPGs, a ludicrously jam-packed Q-Con leaves this episode running crazy long to cover the remaining bases.  From reminiscing about high-profile and disruptive Paranoia games of yore, to the return of the Queen's RAG, Shane, humbug, and Liam wrap up...

Jun 15, 2011

Int:  As reigning international Q-Con pub quiz champions of the world for the second year running, we have a soft spot in our hearts for Queens University's Dragonslayers society's convention.  But are we so modest as to deny that our obnoxious victories colour our opinions, making them biased and unreliable?  Indeed we...

Jun 8, 2011

Exp:  It's review time again, for a couple of fairly simple, fairly abstract, fairly time-killery board games whose actual linking relationship has yet to be determined.  Shane, humbug and Liam gather round to examine the seedy underbellies of The Hobbit and Kill Doctor Lucky.  Features:

  • Keeping the fourth wall intact

Jun 1, 2011

Downtime:  Part witticism, part legitimate grievance, when Stu utters the catch-phrase Shane, humbug and Liam take up the call.  It takes probably longer than it should to realise that nobody actually knows what it means.

The out-take at the end relates to memories of the classic Goatse picture.  Surprisingly, the...