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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Aug 26, 2020

Episode 606

This week's hosts: Scarr (Shane), Liam (Liam) and Savage (Mick). 

Editor - SavageMick

This week the party tie up their trusty steeds outside the saloon and crack open a couple of cold ones before starting in on the pros and cons of animal companions, mounts and familiars. Then we set to tuning our steel...

Aug 19, 2020

Episode 605

This week's hosts:  HidaOwin (Eoin), Scarr (Shane), and Savage (Mick). Special Guests - Mr. E (Colin)

Editor - SavageMick

This week the party gets down to planning some goals for a game. Player goals, character goals, group goals and GM goals - Everybody wants something but who will get what they came for...

Aug 12, 2020

Episode 604

This week's hosts: Scarr (Shane), HidaOwin (Eoin) and Seán (Seán). Special Guests - None. Who would put glitter on these diamonds!?

Editor - SavageMick

Mechs, Mecha, Gears, BattleMechs, Gundam, ArmsSlaves, Solid Armour, VeriTechs, MobileSuits, Titans, Evangelions, VariableFighters, Jagers. Whatever you...

Aug 6, 2020

The Adventuring Party - Episode 603

This week's hosts: Eoin, Savage, Sean and Shane.

This week, we’ve done it! 64 RPGs put through the grinder! Next, 32, then 16, then....

Show notes:

00:35: He’s Back!

01:30: I’m the organiser!

01:59: If it’s objective, why would we...

Episode Delay

Aug 4, 2020

Hello folks,


Unfortunately, due to major technical issues, the next episode of The Adventuring Party will be delayed. We will keep you posted on when you can expect more of the Party's insightful commentary.