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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Mar 31, 2010

Mailbag: Coming to the aid of a listener in distress (or at least a listener with a question), Shane, Liam and humbug stutteringfully tackle the issue of how to keep the atmosphere alive when a role-playing game hits combat rounds.  Features:

Mar 24, 2010

+1 Int: With a great line-up, novel ideas, a tight schedule, lots to do and serve-yourself free tea, Vaticon is looking to be one of the best college cons of the year - it certainly was last year.  Shane, Liam, Dave, humbug and now featuring a guest appearance by Oisín take a look over what's to get excited about this...

Mar 17, 2010

Con: Staggering from Leprecon to The Adventuring Party recording-hole, Shane, Liam and humbug tiredly enthuse about a weekend of LARPs, RPGs, associated goings-on, board games, unnecessary purchases and pints, many of which got to go in mouths instead of on trousers.  Features:

  • Shane finds Leprecon
  • Step back in...

Mar 10, 2010

Int: The oldest thing in gaming in Ireland that anybody knows about, Leprecon's been going since dice were carved from granite by nerdy cavemen and wargames featuring flintlock muskets were categorised as science fiction.  It still usually manages to serve up an excellent show.  A full house of Adventurers takes a look...

Mar 3, 2010

GP: Your time is up!  Minions, collect the answer sheets!  Pencils down!  Don't make me take off my sunglasses!  With the opening time of the Pub Quiz past, Shane, Liam, Dave and humbug welcome Cillian aboard as a new fifth Beatle, and make asses of themselves attempting to answer their own questions after having had a...