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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Oct 30, 2013

Per: The first Academy of Eblana game took place at the end of September, and this week we finally get together some hosts who were there to tell us how it went.


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Oct 23, 2013

+1 Int: If you're listening to this, it's only two days to Gaelcon. Get packing! This week we cover CCGs, wargames, board games, special events and all the rest. Which include:

Oct 16, 2013

Int: Even equally as big as always, Gaelcon awaits us at the end of October. RPGs and LARPs get the run down this week. Includes:

Oct 9, 2013

Character Creation: This week we try our hand at making characters for Pathfinder Society. See Eoin's powerful Sorcerer, my in-between Paladin and Ice-Cream's characterful cleric!


Oct 2, 2013

Downtime: From our mouths to your ears. This week we look at some webcomics with our eyes and then discuss how they intersect with gaming and role-playing games.