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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jan 28, 2024

Episode 781

This week's hosts - Dave, Hida-O-Win, Warlord Scarr & SavageMick 

Editor - SavageMick

Okay, it's still 2024! Where did the month go? New year, new campaign. New GM?

If you are taking the plunge for the first time, or picking up the banner after a long rest, OR just want to hear SavageMick antagonise...

Jan 21, 2024

The Adventuring Party - Episode 780

This week's hosts: Shane, Dave and Eoin

Editor – Shane

This week, The Party consider why RPG campaigns go on as long as they do, and whether people are missing out on smaller games.

Article from the Alexandrian: Quick Shots


Want to actually shout at us?...

Jan 14, 2024

Episode 779

This week's hosts - Dave, Mr. E, Warlord Scarr & SavageMick 

Editor - SavageMick

And We are back! We appreciated the break and we hope you missed us!

Okay - New year and new horizons. Let's stir the ashes, roll the bones, and consult the oracle as we gaze into the future of gaming for...