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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Sep 15, 2010

+1 Downtime:  With Dublin's Thursday Games Nights on the move again as its pub venue closes down under it, Shane, humbug, Liam and Cillian throw around ideas for what makes a good space for a gaming club to conduct its shadowy business.  Features:

  • Unlikely business truths
  • Good drink and bad food
  • Let them eat cake
  • Vote for wargames!
  • The Eldar Pit of Doom
  • Questions from passers-by
  • Hotels instead of pubs
  • Imaginary American game shops
  • Community halls
  • The Camarilla
  • No lammie, no game effect
  • Maslow's hierarchy of needs and the diamond toilet
  • Who ate all the pies?
  • They Ended Up Having To Eat Each Other
  • Wreckage and murderage
  • Gaming on the Orient Express
  • Memoir 44
  • Axis & Allies: Europe
  • Playing on the floor
  • Getting off the floor

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