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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

May 26, 2010

+2 Exp:  With a selection of unreviewed games in boxes knocking around, Shane, Liam and humbug see what, if anything, lies within bell-ringing Pit, wagon-firin' Oregon, city-infecting Pandemic and expansion-releasing Dominion.  Features:

  • Pit at Boardgamegeek
  • Frantic shouting!
  • Gratuitous belling
  • Comprehensive reviewing
  • Oregon
  • Creepy kids with diseases
  • Exactly unlike a road-map
  • Serious dissing of Carcassonne
  • Pandemic
  • Free packet of donoteat
  • Disease spread!  Yummy.
  • Naked Pandemic
  • Stats
  • Dominion
  • ...versus Mega-Dominion
  • Four-player solitaire
  • Pterodactyl Attack
  • Confusing time-travel

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