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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Nov 22, 2017

This week's hosts: Ian, Oisin Cathal and Sean

This week the party reviews the fun party card game Monikers. Is it fun? Can it be played at parties? IS IT EVEN A GAME!?!?! We (probably) answer all these questions and more!

Show Notes:

  • 00:37 Monikers
  • 00:45 Yup, last weeks episode in fact
  • 01.33 Thats just not true Cathal
  • 03:30 Larpers like Oisin might not have MANY rules, but it doesn't mean they are happy without ANY!
  • 03:37 ROUND ONE!
  • 03:41 "Bob Ross is the one that keeps coming to mind", this episode was actually recorded 3 days BEFORE the latest teaser trailer for Deadpool 2 (Pool Harder) featuring some heavy Bob Ross-ing.
  • 04:18 Forgetting the Gruber in Hans Gruber is unforgiveable.
  • 05:43 ROUND TWO!!
  • 07:05 Strategic drinking...
  • 09:43 ROUND THREE!!! (The final round?)
  • 09:53 All I can hear is "It's the final countdown"
  • 11:02 Fermi Paradox
  • 12:43 Oisin mimes "Exit chased by Bear" for the microphones (Shakespeare vs Trope
  • 12:52 This act of mime now features in Seans nightmares
  • 15:11 ROUND FOUR!!!! (Bonus Round!!!!!)
  • 17:15 Is the game replayable? Or is it one-&-done?
  • 17:52 How many adventurers in your party can play this wonderful game?
  • 19:57 A game that lets you choose your evenings tone, thats handy
  • 20:30 Doge - Dukes of Italy
  • 20:52 Sean spends too much time on the wrong parts of the internets
  • 20:57 And Sean sparks yet another game of "What exactly is a millenial?" (Hint: Nobody agrees)
  • 22:16 Expansions are available
  • 23:07 Still talking about last weeks episode
  • 23:30 Keyword: "Now"
  • 25:57 The Adventuring Party discuss... Football? That can't be right. Guys, I think we stole our shownotes from the internet again.
  • 30:06 The Score