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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Feb 4, 2015

This week's hosts: Liam, Humbug, Graham and Eoin

Hey hey! It's more than a week since Warpcon, which means we've got to... do something. Maybe talk about it. Talk about our feelings, you know?  Really get it all out there. Get the healing started. Also games and stuff, but who cares about that? How are you doing? You ok?

  • 0.41: Beautiful. Straight out the gate we get lodged in a pedantic argument. That's why you keep coming back, folks!
  • 2.34: Surely it's not Montezuma's Revenge if it's a Chinese meal? Maybe Mao Zedong's Revenge? Confucius' Revenge?
  • 2.40: Oh, I see. Graham didn't leave that one hanging either.
  • 4.05: Trail of Cthulhu runs on the GUMSHOE system, an interesting RPG system that we've discussed before. Find more details here.
  • 7.57: "Bun"
  • 8.30: For those not in the know, Garnish House and Audley House are the two fancy B&Bs of choice for those traveling to Cork for Warpcon. 
  • 10.16: Much like the USSR, you communist!
  • 13.57: Tokaido and Shadowrun
  • 16.56: Arcadia Quest
  • 21.01: Quote of the Episode: "We have 250,000 people to evacuate… 200,000 people… 150,000 people… you know what, never mind"
  • 27.48: Betrayal at House on the Hill

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