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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Mar 11, 2015

This week's hosts:  Liam, Humbug, Eoin and Icecream

Special guest stars: Christine and Siobhan from Girls Get Gaming

This week marks the first of a run of episodes which will be guest starring Irish gaming commenters Girls Get Gaming! Check out their blog, Facebook and twitter. This week, we talk about Itzacon, the upcoming and perennially popular Galway-based gaming convention.

Show notes:

  • 1.15: Itzacon website
  • 3.48: Ah, the obligatory Dungeons and Donuts reference!
  • 4.26: That was a good joke, and Eoin visibly enjoyed saying it.
  • 7.26: Quote of the Episode: "My business cards state that I am 'Flammibus the Red'; I specialize in cold magic. The 'Red' is a branding issue"
  • 7.58: #TeamCoffeyandIcecream
  • 8.33: God bless you, Humbug!
  • 8.38: It does not! The Stars My Destination actually opens with "He was one hundred and seventy days dying and not yet dead", but I needed a number of days and I just used the first one I thought of.
  • 12.28: Oh my God! Extra points! I'm going to spend them all on salt water taffy!
  • 13.37: Bride of Quote of the Episode: "It would be brilliant if that was SO meta, it was just a bad game! Just a terrible dungeon crawl! Hope everyone enjoyed it… SUCKERS!"
  • 15.34: Ugh… I was going to link to an example of a pig screaming here. But it's actually very upsetting, so I'm not going to.
  • 20.22: Pathfinder; the candidate you can trust.
  • 27.20: I think you'll find I won't.
  • 29.55: Stop trying to make Fetch happen.
  • 33.45: IGoLRP - the Irish Guild of Live Action Role-players

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