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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Dec 5, 2018

This week's hosts: Liam, Shane, and Seán
This week, the party talk about experience, in various forms.

00:43 - Experience Points. EXP/XP.
01:20 - Doling out XP in D&D. Less control in a story?
02:11 - Not always a story. Also many kinds of XP!
03:06 - Rather than just accumulating to level, sometimes you spend XP to improve incrementally.
03:50 - Improving by creeps, improving by jerks.
04:30 - Flushing XP away on skill points, or saving up to boost an attribute.
05:36 - Sometimes XP can be spent to succeed in game, or to survive.
08:40 - Are you tracking XP for the party, or for the players?
14:13 - Characters are (usually) less disposable, and your XP system should account for this.
14:42 - Milestones!
18:22 - Alternative forms of rewards when the players aren't hitting milestones.
21:10 - XP literally as a reward. Tangible rewards!
25:30 - A goal that can be reached, a higher level. Just get more XP.
33:41 - Incentivising players trying to they can improve.