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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jan 27, 2016

This week's hosts: Liam, Brian, Mary, Cathal and Sean

Join us in celebrating 7 years of The Adventuring Party by taking part in our annual pub quiz! Up for grabs is €50 in your local gaming store. Even if you live outside of the Emerald Isle - we'll sort it out with your local shop.

Answers by email to - the closing date for entries is midnight, February 24th.

Show notes:

  • 04.50: Guild of Blades Retail Group was last years winners FLGS. They were very helpful in helping us sort out the prize. Check them out if you are in the area.
  • 11.16: Brock Peters played Siskos dad
  • 12.41: Close! It's unicorns are pretty kick ass
  • 17.00: Turns out shoe sizes are mad
  • 30.00: Quote of the episode: "We do not condone going up to members of the party and strangling them at conventions, save that for pre-agreed and entirely consensual things in your own house"


Round Shane (The medical-ish round)
Q1: In Trail of Cthulhu, it's mad difficult or impossible (depending on rules variants used) to regain Sanity, but there's two ways to avoid losing it permanently. What are they?
Q2: In Phoenix Command, if you're determining hit location by using the supplement book Phoenix Command Damage Tables: Small Arms, what die type do you roll to determine hit location on a human in the open?
Q3: In Flash Point, if a Victim is Treated by the Paramedic and then left on a square with no Firefighters, what does the Victim do?

Round Ian:
1. Which scenario won best game at Gaelcon 2010?
2. What is the capital of Ethiopia?
3. What percentage (to the nearest 10 percent) of humans are lactose intolerant?

Round Graham:
1. According to Spike Milligan, how was Sir Hugo Baskerville also known?
2. What Star Wars character is played by an actor with the same name as the real name of Comedian Johnny Vegas?
3. What Fringe characters were name in homage to David Bowie?

Round Eoin (Eoin's Future Sight Round):
1. In the 2018 L5R World Championships which two clans featured in the winning deck dubbed by wags as the "Arachnid Alliance"?
2. Following George R. R. Martins death in 2019, which gritty British fantasy author responded that "As the man said, you have to be realistic about some things" upon being selected to finish book 7?
3. Following the great Games Workshop IP auction of 2020, which classic sports game was purchased by Steam Forged Games for a brand new edition?

Round Liam:
1. What game received the highest review score this year?
2. What email addresses go to Brian?
3. If you add this years Warpcon to last years Gaelcon and subtract this years Hobocon, what is the result?

Round Brian:
1. In Deadlands, what cards must you keep during character generation?
2. Who was Surgeon General in America from '82 to '89?
3. What was Cpt. Picard's Borg name?

Round Mary:
1. What are pahoehoe and aa?
2. What is the second animal in the alphabet?
3. After 5 years at the top of the Board Game Geek rankings, Twilight Struggle was recently knocked off its spot by what game?

Round Cathal:
1. In which film would you find Caster's Nightclub, End of Line?
2. The post-apocalyptic tabletop rpg, Exodus, was originally intended to be an officially licensed version of which computer game series?
3. In Heir today, gone tomorrow, what princely protagonist do we follow?

Round Sean:
1. Benedict Cumberbatch will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe this year in a new superhero movie. Who will he play?
2. The Advanced Dungeons & Dragons module I6 Ravenloft is being reworked again by the original authors for release as a Fifth Edition Module. What will the new module be called?
3. Corsair, Leader of the Starjammers, had three sons who were X-Men. Who were they?